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Meet The Pastors

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Bishop Michael F. Cole is an anointed man of God, who flows freely in the fivefold ministry. He has served in ministry for over 25 years. God sent him and his family to Dixon, Il in 1992, from their home town of Freeport, Il. Where he served as a local preacher. On March 20, 2006, he was ordained as a Bishop through Lion of Judah Ministries. He is a hands-on pastor, with a heart to see all of God’s people healed and walking in their full potential. He shares a genuine love for God and for God’s people. He has a Bachelor of Business Degree from St. Martin's College and Masters of Christian Ministry Degree from St. Martin’s College and Seminary, and is a member of The American College of Counselors.

Pastor Geraldine F. Cole, also known affectionately as “momma Cole” flows very strongly in a teaching anointing. She has a heart to make sure the children know Jesus and His love for them. She works closely with Bishop Cole in the ministry and also shares a genuine love for God and His people. She and Bishop have four children, William, Percel, Falecia, and Michael James.