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Shepherd's Bag Devotionals

To view one of the Shepherd's Bag Devotionals, please click the date next to the titles.  Each of these devotionals have been written by our Sr. Pastor, Bishop Michael F. Cole.


Follow Me 5/7/17

Child-like vs. Childish 5/21/17

Jesus Is Still Mixing Mud 6/4/17

Doers of THE Word or Doers of A Word 6/10/17

Better Knowing The God Of The Word 6/17/17

Willingness To Become Again Another 6/27/17

Dividing To Connect In Prayer 7/11/17

Smell Of Smyrna/The Fragrance Of Faith 7/18/17

Exchange From Bitter To Better 7/24/17

That's My Daddy 8/15/17

Following Without Alternatives 8/24/17